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There are over 250,000 people in Alberta who speak French, many of which are entrepreneurs and business people that work in French on a full or part-time basis, but more importantly, but they contribute to the province’s economy. Like them, the CDÉA’s mandate is to contribute significantly to the francophone community’s economic development.

With employees in offices throughout the province, we can assist you in your projects, whether it be starting out a business, expanding an existing one, improving your skills through training sessions or our network of mentors, build a cooperative, tap into new markets, network, etc.

Although the totality of this website was not translated, the essential components are available to you in English. Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our offices where you will be served in English.

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« LA POUTINE est une idée longuement mijotée. Dans l’avancement de notre projet nous avons eu l’opportunité de travailler avec le CDÉA qui nous a fourni des informations pour le processus d'ouverture de notre restaurant et aidé à affiner notre plan d'affaires. »
Lindsay et Francis, propriétaires de LA POUTINE

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