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Canadian francophone economic space

The future of Francophonie is conditional, among other things, upon the economy. The Canadian Francophone Economic Space is meant to be an economic exchange and diversification forum for francophone SMEs. Its purpose is to expand the business network within the Canadian Francophonie.  In collaboration with its peers within the RDÉE Canada network, and being aware that active solidarity contributes to the good health of francophone entrepreneurship in Canada, the CDÉA acts as an interface between various operators.

Among other things, this initiative allows the parties to work on the following:

  • Create a dialogue to stimulate economic exchanges for the benefit of the Francophonie and the Canadian economy in general;
  • Develop the key potential of Canadian francophone companies;
  • Support French-speaking Canadian entrepreneurs to take advantage of business opportunities and access markets and business networks in Canada and abroad.
For more information, please contact Suzanne Prévost

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