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Co-owners with equal rights and opportunities in democratic decision making, one person has one voice.  It is no longer relevant to demonstrate the benefits of a cooperative. The purpose of this association of entrepreneurs, who collectively assume their entrepreneurial responsibilities while respecting their common values and needs, is to better serve the economic interests of its members, who are both shareholders and clients. 

In this regard, the CDÉA provides the following services:

Business Start-up Service

The CDÉA contributes to your professional success by streamlining the start-up process of your cooperative business. You have at your disposal our experience and know-how in order to provide you with a solid entrepreneurial foundation.

Advisory Service
At any time, you can call and organize a meeting with an Economic Development Officer to discuss an idea, a question, growth strategies, etc.

Support and Funding Research Service
Through some government programs, the CDÉA can guide you to diversify your income-generating activities while carrying out your feasibility plan, business plan, etc.  Furthermore, we can help you with your strategic planning in order to maximize your common resources. 

Cooperative Networking Service
The CDÉA depends on several partners and an excellent network of provincial and national contacts that may be of use to you, such as the Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité (CCCM) of which the CDÉA is a member.

For more information, please contact Patrice Gauthier

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