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Economic immigration

Immigration is and will always be an irrefutable source of talents that Canada should take advantage of in order to boost its economic growth.  Increasing the number of French-speaking Albertans, particularly those that are able to sustain and promote the economic development of this province, is one of the CDÉA's main objectives.

As far as immigration is concerned, the CDÉA is striving to:

  • Encourage and coach immigrant investors to settle in Alberta;
  • Highlight business opportunities available to immigrant investors;
  • Attract French-speaking skilled labour to Alberta;
  • Make professional associations and organizations aware of the employability of French-speaking workers;
  • Reinforce its commitment to industries requiring skilled workers by supporting them in their immigration procedures;
  • Work with governmental and paragovernmental authorities to meet the needs for semi-skilled labour.
For more information, please contact Marie-Laure Polydore

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