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Small business assistance supporting companies

Wide range of consulting services, procedures pertaining to and coaching of project managers, designers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, the CDÉA makes available to the French-speaking business community a hub of skills to promote the development of economic activities in Alberta. 

It provides all services related to the start-up and operation of a company:

  • Consulting and supporting services to starting-up or existing companies
  • Marketing and sales engineering
  • Financing and accounting
  • International affairs (import/export)
  • Assistance in drafting a business plan
  • Help and advice in hiring workers
  • Organizing business people networking activities
  • Developing strategic alliances
  • Presentations and training sessions
  • Small Business Internship Program (SBIP)
It should be noted, however, the CDÉA does not provide direct funding to companies.

For more information, please get in touch with our offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie or Bonnyville.

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